Participant Services

As a participant in a 401(k) or group retirement plan, Pangea knows that a main point of frustration for a contributing employee in a 401(k) plan is very simple . . . where exactly should I be putting my hard-earned money? While you may recognize popular catch phrases like “Asset Allocation”, “Diversification”, and “Risk Tolerance”, the big questions is, what exactly do they all mean to the financial well-being of your employees?

Unfortunately, many participants are left holding the bag and given limited guidance as to their options. Unfortunately, this can commonly lead to a dissatisfaction or lack of understanding for the one and only reason they have their 401(k) account . . . to retire! By providing one-on-one guidance and financial planning for participants, Pangea Wealth is able to assist your employees in understanding how their benefits truly benefit them. No longer will retirement be a guessing game, hoping and wondering what savings rate and investment choices have the potential to make their financial objectives a reality.